About Dawit Yohannes (Dave)

I was born on October 24th, 1988, in the small village of Ambaras, situated inside the Simien Mountains National Park. I attended elementary school there and finished high school some years later in Debark where the park headquarters is located.

With training in Tourism management, Tour and Trekking arrangement and Guide techniques from the tourist board, I have planned and undertaken various trips since passing my examinations in 2009. With over ten years experience as a tour guide, I am able to organize any tour suitable for all abilities.

Our Transpiration

Our company is equipped with comfortable, new and sturdy fully comprehensive insured vehicles including 4WDS, deluxe different size Buses, Mini buses and small automobiles and first class camping equipments that fit the weather you are planning to travel.

Our Camping Equipment

During our trekking tours you will be accommodated in our new Vaude Campo 3P and Vaude Campo Grande 3-4P tents. These tents are a 3 or 4 persons model, but we accommodate only two tourists. Also the tents have 2 entrances on either side, so that everybody is independent on stepping in and out of them.

Our Cooking Equipment

During our trekking tours you will be accompanied by a numerous staff including local guide, scout or ranger, professional cook, cooking assistant (this depends from the group size), and muleteers for the mules and donkeys that will transport the heavy material (ours and yours). This material includes the cooking material, some of which is shown on the photos below.